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What is your Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never rent or sell your information to any third parties, we only use the information we collect from you to convey your order information, or to send you catalogs and e-mails at your request.


Is ordering on your site secure?

Absolutely! We take security very seriously, and we do whatever we can to protect our customers' sensitive data. Credit card information for web orders is protected in the following ways:

1. 128-bit encryption to and from the servers and web browser.
2. Credit card numbers are not stored in our database. We keep on file only the last 5 digits in cases where we need to verify the card that was used.
3.Once the information is transmitted to our servers for processing, we use even stronger encryption in the back end to transmit the request to our payment processor to verify the credit card and place an authorization for the order total.
4.If the authorization, address verification and risk assessment all clear, the order is accepted and a one-time unique ID is associated with the order for purposes of billing the previous authorization. This ID cannot be used to place further authorizations or bill more than the original auth. It contains no identifiable link to the credit card number.
5.Once that ID has been used to bill the order (which happens only once the order begins shipping), it is no longer valid and cannot be used to authorize or bill again.